Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Customer Says

...With Mike leading us through the entire ISO process the City of Pasadena improved its ISO rating (PPC) from a 6 to a 2. Mike gave us a plan via his suggested improvements. We followed that plan and used Mike to complete our pre-survey information and to represent Pasadena during the field survey by ISO (information transfer). Without Mike’s assistance the City of Pasadena would not have received many deserved credits. My opinion is that Pasadena would still be a Class 6 without Mike’s presence. It took several meetings after the survey was complete to reinstate deserved credits denied by the assigned ISO Field Representatives from Florida and Pennsylvania. I strongly recommend Mike Pietsch, P.E. Consulting Services, Inc. to any community that cares about their ISO rating... 
J.D. Gardner, Fire Chief, Pasadena

About Us

Mike Pietsch offers valuable experience and expertise in assisting communities with improving their Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating. Over 27 years experience working exclusively with Public Protection Classifications (PPC) for Insurance Services Office (ISO).

In the past five years as a consultant, Mike Pietsch has assisted over 200 communities with improving their PPC rating. Each community that has undergone the ISO rating process, with Mike’s assistance, has achieved a minimum improvement of two classifications.


  • Improving Communities’ Public Protection Classification (PPC) Rating
  • Fire Station Locations
  • Alternative Water Supplies (Folda-Tank Water Shuttles)